A Letter from the National Council Regarding Whistleblower Complaint

November 27, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On November 8th, members of the FFWPU National Council received an email letter under the FFWPU “Whistleblower” Policy outlining serious allegations regarding the fiduciary responsibilities
of the FFWPU Board of Directors.

On November 12th, President Buessing sent a letter addressed to all members of the Family Federation USA acknowledging the receipt of this complaint and promised to investigate all of these
concerns “thoroughly and carefully.”

Throughout these past weeks the National Council has been in continuous communication and has convened several ZOOM conference meetings to discuss the process for investigating these
sensitive and complex charges.

On November 21st, the National Council voted to initiate the Whistleblower process as outlined in Article V of the Policy as adopted by the Family Federation Board of Directors in 2015. [the Policy can be read online at http://familyfed.org/nationalcouncil/whistleblower-policy/. We take these charges seriously and promise to conduct an independent investigation into these matters to determine the facts, so that we might protect our organization financially, legally, and morally.

We ask for your patience, your prayers and for unity in heart that God might bless us with a healing of renewed commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity. Thank you.

Members of the FFWPU National Council

Alan Jessen, Chair (D8)
Sara Oben, Vice Chair (D1)
Teresa Yamane, Secretary (D5)
Noah Ross (D2)
Atsushi Takino (D3)
Catherine Ono (D4)
Gary Abrahams (D6)
Bruce Sutchar (D7)
James Chimes (D9)
Eugene Harnett (D10)
Michael Allen (D11)
Curtis Martin (D12)

Soyeon Kim